Boeken over Crossfit

Boeken over CrossFit

Ben je op zoek naar fijne boeken over CrossFit om te lezen? Helaas zijn er geen boeken beschikbaar in het Nederlands. Toch hebben we een aantal boeken verzameld die het lezen waard zijn. Deze boeken zijn beschikbaar in het Engels.

Laatste update: februari 2024

Boeken over CrossFit voor CrossFitters

1. Resilient – Brooke Wells

Resilient is het verhaal van CrossFit atleet Brooke Wells. In 2021 schiet haar elleboog uit de kom bij een zware lift. Dit boek gaat over haar terugkeer.

Boeken over CrossFitOn the last night of the 2021 CrossFit Games, ten thousand fans watched in horror as Brooke Wells’ elbow dislocated under the weight of a 190-pound barbell. This is the extraordinary story of what happened next: How Wells pulled off a highly improbable comeback that transformed her mentally and physically into one of the fittest women in the world.

In Resilient, Wells provides a refreshingly honest, authentic account of how she overcame fear, self-doubt, and a slew of unexpected obstacles to return to the CrossFit Games less than a year after undergoing total elbow reconstruction. A story of strength, passion, courage, and grit, Resilient is a celebration of one athlete’s extraordinary spirit and her inspiring ability to never say die.

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2. The Heart Is the Strongest Muscle – Tia Toomey

Tia Toomey is zesvoudig CrossFit kampioen en in haar boek schrijft ze over haar verhaal en haar ervaringen.

Boeken over CrossFitTia Toomey, the world’s fittest woman, has won the CrossFit Games an incredible six years in a row and is undeniably a true warrior. She has also trained for the Winter Olympics in bobsledding, competed in the Summer Olympics in weightlifting and was a Commonwealth Games gold medalist. She is, in short, one of the most accomplished and dominant athletes in human history.

But for Tia physical fitness is only a small part of overall strength. More important is building mental toughness.

In The Heart Is the Strongest Muscle, Tia shows how she reached elite levels by focusing on her why, having a clear picture of her purpose what drives her heart she can push through even the toughest challenges. From the early days of her fitness journey to the peak performance that has put her atop the podium in the CrossFit Games, Tia also reveals the secrets, struggles, and successes that have made her a killer competitor.

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2. Start Your Engines – Sam Briggs

Boeken over CrossFitFrom firefighter to CrossFit superstar, Sam Briggs (aka The Engine) tells her inspirational story of battling her way to the top, facing injuries and setbacks head-on with the same unstoppable energy and grit that have made her an icon in the sport. You don’t get biceps like Briggs by giving up when the going gets tough… CrossFit superstar Sam Briggs, aka ‘The Engine’, is a true hero in the sport, with a level of endurance unparalleled in the game.

This is the story of how she got to the top, and battled with everything she had to stay there. Sam’s memoir takes in the whole story, from being kicked out of ballet lessons as a child but being accepted on the boys’ sports teams, to working as a firefighter in West Yorkshire for ten years, tackling dangerous and adrenaline-fueled situations on a daily basis, and to taking up CrossFit at the comparatively ancient age of 27. Sam tells of what it took to become champion a mere three years later, and after a year out with a broken patella. Despite the numerous setbacks and debilitating injuries that have plagued her in the years that followed, when most other athletes would have thrown in the towel, Sam has fought, and continues to fight, to be the very best that she can be. Start Your Engines is the story of how, with a combination of grit, training and dogged motivation, it’s never too late to achieve your dreams.

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3. Hard Work Pays Off – Mat Fraser

Boeken over CrossFitTrain with the Fittest Man on Earth – 5-time CrossFit Champion Mat Fraser. No matter your level of fitness, no matter if you’ve never attempted CrossFit before, this book is your total training manual. No one can say they’re a better all-around athlete than Mat Fraser.

In this ground-breaking book, Fraser reveals the secrets of his success to help you transform your own body and mind. Structured into sections on strength, endurance, speed, coordination, mental and recovery, Mat shares workouts, illustrations, techniques, recipes and advice. From push-ups to sprints, rope climbs to deadlifts, high-knee drills to swimming intervals, the book showcases CrossFit’s uniquely wide-ranging and infinitely scalable approach to exercise. There is tailored advice for beginners, intermediates and advanced athletes.

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4. Dottir – Katrin Davidsdottir

Boeken over CrossFitAs one of only two women in history to have won the title of “Fittest Woman on Earth” twice, Davidsdottir knows all about the importance of mental and physical strength. She won the title in 2015, backing it up with a second win in 2016, after starting CrossFit in just 2011.

A gymnast as a youth, Davidsdottir wanted to try new challenges and found a love of CrossFit. But it hasn’t been a smooth rise to the top. In 2014, just one year before taking home the gold, she didn’t qualify for the Games. She used that loss as motivation and fuel for training harder and smarter for the 2015 Games. She pushed herself and refocused her mental game. Her hard work and perseverance paid off with her return to the Games and subsequent victories in 2015 and 2016.

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5. First – Rich Froning

Boeken over CrossFitReigning CrossFit World Champion Rich Froning is “The Fittest Man on Earth.” He’s fast. He’s strong. And he’s incredibly disciplined. But it takes more than physical strength to compete and win at an elite level. It takes incredible mental and spiritual toughness as well. And it is the precise balance of all three that makes Rich Froning a champion.

In First, readers come alongside Rich as he trains for and competes in back-to-back-to-back CrossFit World Championships. Along the way, Rich shares invaluable training tips, motivational techniques, and spiritual insights that, in keeping with the CrossFit philosophy, will prepare you to respond to any real-life physical, mental and spiritual challenge.

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6. Inside The Box – Murphy T. J.

Boeken over CrossFitMurphy faced a future with a permanent limp from one too many marathons. Desperate to reclaim his fitness and strength, the 47-year-old signed up for his first CrossFit® workout with nothing to lose. Anaerobically blasted by each workout of the day, Murphy discovered a sweat-soaked fitness revolution that’s transforming bodies and lives.

CrossFit is the sport of fitness, a radical new approach to exercise that is turning the traditional gym workout upside down. Every day at thousands of CrossFit gyms across America, fitness seekers of all shapes and sizes flex their inner athlete by racing to finish fast-paced workouts. Each workout mixes weight lifting and gymnastics into an explosively effective and addictive new way to lose weight and carve out a new physique.

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